Shohieb Ahmad Nasruddin, Software Initiator and Jungler

I am the passionate - living in the dream of childhood IT enthusiast who is currently working as Programmer. Born as an only man-child, dreams to be the innovator that swimming in the IT stuffs.

  • Design
  • Mobile
  • Film
  • Photo



Currently educating myself in Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya.


In the industrial world, i love to work as a team. I had experience about the result, would be better with friends rather by doing oneself. "do not try to shoulder everything alone" -> this statement is so real!.


Currently in love learning Android, JS And Front-end stuff. Right now I'm working on Android-Web Development product based company. The company's name is Kodelokus. My job is taking the android one. I am also open about Backend engine, socket - service, and DBs


  • gatrids. Gatrids is the startup project made by classmates who focusing on traditional stuffs about indonesia, including toys
  • VOIP Between PC <-> Android Phone
  • EASSY. Eassy is made due to farmer that needs the fair profit from their sellings
  • Barjohn App. Barjohn App is a Medical Record App that calculates the efficiency bed usage in hospitals.